Video Review: Huawei Ideos S7-105 Android Tablet Phone

That’s a mouthful all right.  In fact, it can also be known as a tabphone, phonetab, tabletphone or phonetablet.  Take your pick, such is the richness of the English language  :P  For those who are unawares, the Ideos S7-105 is the second generation S7 Android tablet – the major difference between this and the first version is that the second comes with a capacitive screen.

I was lucky enough to score a review unit when I discovered one lying around in a bar.  Not to let an opportunity like that pass me by, I grabbed it with both hands and ran all the way back to my car, then raced all the way back home to unbox it.  While we wait for my full review which will take some time to write, knowing my love for written-word diarrhoea, feast your eyes on some videos which I have shot below for your pleasure.  At least to tide you over till after Christmas.

A word of warning though – be prepared to be ah…shocked by the sight of my balding round head in the reflection of the S7′s screen – it’s quite glossy and reflective.  Apologies for that, and to avoid scaring children and animals unnecessarily, please do watch the video in a private location.

A look at the Ideos S7′s hardware:

A look at the Android 2.1 Eclair operating system as customised by Huawei, as well as the web browser:

The Ideos S7′s call function, Google Maps and the Angry Birds Seasons game (any review would not be considered complete without mentioning this iconic game)!